And he’s telling me to give in. Always Hissing, right in my ear, like it’s coming from my own head.

Dream Tour

 I am pretty sure I had a Revalation after coming home from Warped Tour 2010. I had an idea for a perfect Tour that should happen! It isn’t a tour with “Major Names” But It could be one amazing concert! It Features bands with all Female Vocalists and great performers!

The Show would begin with the opening band being either The Pretty Reckless or Gardening not Architecture.

After the Opening Band, Automatic Loveletter would Perform!

After Automatic Loveletter, VersaEmerge would take the stage!

And After the set of VersaEmerge, the Tour would be headlined by Hey Monday!

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Now I don’t know about you but this could be an awesome line-up!

They all were on Warped Tour together. And I know for a fact that some of the vocalists are best friends! So they may have so much fun!

Not to mention that All the Bands have a new Record/Ep available that needs to be promoted which gives them a better reason to all tour together!

So if you think this is a great idea, RE-BLOG!