Anonymous asked: Ok... So when you and Ty (distinctmemory) were talking, did you know that she was a girl.

Yes I was very aware that Ty was a girl. xD A very beautiful one as well. Ty always told the people she was getting close with that she was a female. but it doesn’t make a difference in who Ty is. :)


Anonymous asked: I said Distinctmemory LIKES you, not LOVES you.

I think you should go ask him again because you were probably mis-informed. 

distinctmemory asked: You do really look like Draco Malfoy and it is so attractive~ But you already know that.

I’m glad our foundation of a relationship is based off of Draco Malfoy, and my beautiful blonde hair…. Would you like to see my magic wand now? 


Anonymous asked: Distinctmemory or Jamjars

Oh EASY I would date Ty over anyone probably any day. xD