I get really hurt and confused…

When I find my follower count go down… And look I am sure it shouldn’t be a big deal, but it always hits me in the heart! 

I am always fearing the fact that I may have hurt someone, or said something offensive… I am not the kind of person to say, “IT IS MY BLOG I WILL SAY WHAT I WANT!” Because I really do care for each one of you, and every Anonymous message, or every critique I get I actually think about. I know who I am, but I do love to hear what people think about me…

If you haven’t read my “I am myself post” Please go read it: http://danielzrotfl.tumblr.com/post/2494632285/obviously-i-am-myself

Or you can go read the other personal posts: http://danielzrotfl.tumblr.com/tagged/personal

The point I was trying to make (Before going off into tangents) Is that I really hope you guys understand that I do want to talk to each of you. This isn’t just blogging pictures, if you feel overwhelmed about me not ever going to talk to you, please TRY ME! I want to talk to you! And I promise I will. I know I shouldn’t be upset about all the unfollowers, and I will try harder to stay in touch! <3



I am giving up my cell phone, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Television, Music, and actually, everything media related. I am doing this to just…. Get away, Get away from everyone and everything, so I can learn to love me… It will be a hard week, but I am going to do it! 

I am actually kind of excited. :D

Anyway, you guys can leave me messages in my ask, you can leave cute, or sweet nothings for me to find when I come back online in a week. ;) Haha
my tumblr will still be active through the que I have set up.
I love you guys and I will get back to you in a week! <3