I love seeing the SLC temple. xD

Merry Christmas! Here is my holiday video! <3 enjoy I love you guys!


This is my last night in this hotel… It has been a great vacation. I will upload a YouTube video once I get home.

I found intrest in these books.

I found these at the mall and they made me laugh.

First of all, I want this book for christmas. <- Period

This made me laugh it has so many funny stereotypical gay things in it that reminded me of a bunch of people.

Here is one example… This reminds me of some people I know. ;)

These next 2 books could keep me entertained for days (thankfully they are full of pictures.)

And Finally a book that gave me a reason to buy a snuggie!

I believe I had a fight with my hair last night. non the less… I am awake… And it snowed in Salt Lake City last night! <3

Hey I’m sorry Guys

I’ve been really busy! But I made it to Salt Lake City today and having a great time! I will post pictures tommorow!

-Daniel <3

Going to Salt Lake City!

Alright guys! I am going to Salt Lake City tommorow! I will be there until December 23! Where are all my Utah Followers at! Message me!