Anonymous asked: What's your sexual orientation?

Sorry… I haven’t gotten in line to get one of those yet…. there just seems to be a long line for people to get one and nail it to their forehead so…. I’m just going to sit that one out. 




p0psikle-deactivated20110808-de asked: Oh hi, sorry its me again D: But I finally sat down and took a good look and read at all the things on your blog. (and I know its very weird) But when I saw your art work and personal posts I cried. I did not necessarily ball my eyes out but there where tears. You are such a talented boy. It makes me envy you so much more. you are also such a kind person you have a huge heart full of love. It makes me wonder how the world would be if everyone was a little bit more like you. caring and understanding. I don't know your blog is just such an inspiration to me. I might just be another Person who admires you but I want you to know why I do not just because you are adorable and cute but because you have personality everyone loves <3

I hope you have a nice day
Clarissa <33

Oh my gosh! You are making my night! <3
I honestly never intended to touch someone’s heart by just being myself. I am really thankful for my talent, but Clarissa do not ever envy anyone! Because you have talents meant for touching other people! That is why they are yours! And that is so special!
Honestly it is a shame that people see me as some sort of inspiration… Why is it that being a nice person has become rare? You are not just another person who admires me. You are Clarissa, and you took the time to tell me this! And I love you so much for it. 
I am glad my blog is an inspiration. <3


This Happens All The Time.

This happens to me all the time…. And it got me thinking…

Obviously they are contradicting each other…. but they are both Anonymous..  

Number 1) I don’t blame you for not finding me attractive, because everyone has their own taste in people. Frankly, I don’t think I would date myself because of the type of people I find attractive…. But let me ask you this…. Would your question be different if you hadn’t clicked the Anonymous button? Would you have lied to me, because you would have shown your face to me and I would have realized who you were… and maybe even gain a friendship with you…. What would that friendship be worth? It would only be built on a lie… possibly even be a catalyst for something that would fail in the future… 
But you can easily tell the truth of how you feel about me if I do not know who you are….

Number 2) It is very sweet of you to think the opposite… but the same thing goes for you.. What would be the point of telling me Anonymously? Sure it is great, and makes me smile… But it could have led to me complimenting you back… or making friends with you! 
For everyone: I want to put this into perspective… that I am not on tumblr for the followers count…
There is a reason that I individually go through each of you just to say hi! 
I want to talk to you, and I want you to talk to me. The generation is such a mess… Why not try to fix it? Being kind isn’t a sin, last time I checked… and I wouldn’t ever be rude for someone who is brave enough to talk to me without clicking anonymously.


So Now you know.


When people say: “I wish I knew you in REAL LIFE.”

I just want to tell you beautiful people that I am Daniel…. I am me, and being a boy on tumblr does NOT make me some surrogate of another person! 

When you say in real life, it makes everything seem so impossible, when you shouldn’t be imagining things that will never happen. This IS REAL LIFE. And there is a reason I make the effort to talk to each and every one of you! 
I don’t assume that I am going to meet all of you, frankly, any of you. But I promise that I will always be myself when I talk to you, and make our relationship seem as real as I can! I want you to realize that you are real people, I am a real person, and we are all making REAL friendships. This is REAL LIFE. 

Just because it is over the World Wide Web, does not make any of our relationships fake. 

I love you.


Obviously… I am myself.

Some of you are really getting frustrated with some of my responses and obviously that makes me very uncomfortable to make you feel that way so I will try to keep this as civil and controlled as possible.
I am Daniel, and I am myself. 

I’ve addressed this before and I know most of you new followers haven’t gotten the chance to understand where I stand. I only see all these questions (Are you gay, straight, bi) as a way people try to categorize other people, as if I had to give you permission just to talk to me, to flirt with me, to get to know me. But honestly I see way above that. How awful is it that we have to categorize love. Hearts get broken, people get led on. 
I have love for so many people and I cannot just stoop down to other people’s levels, just to fulfill their perspective on love. I don’t need to choose any “category” and for the Anons that are getting so beat up over this need to understand that I am myself, I can love so many people.

So I apologize that some of you can’t really comprehend this fact that I am aloud to care for as many people as I want and you will judge me for that. I am perfectly fine with that, and other things you may have collected on our first-impression. I WANT you to judge me on how you think of me because once you talk to me with your impression in mind, I will simply BE MYSELF and that judgement will either be justified or changed because I won’t treat any of you either way, Gender, race, or culture. All of you will know the same me, it is just up to you to like me or not. <3 And I hope you will. :)

So please, with all your Anon Questions and accusations, Let me be myself, trust me I am really good at it.
Love Daniel.