ANOTHER completed Art Project(s) from Daniel.

I Know I have not been keeping you guys up to date on my art projects but I am FINALLY uploading these to tumblr! 

This art project is a very SPECIAL art project. It is of the lovely Marilyn Monroe. I was so fascinated by her after watching the TV show SMASH I had to do a project with her. and the point of the project, is to have a TORN  part from the project, with something showing up from underneath. I know that sounds confusing, so let me show you how it went down.

I first had to draw out Marilyn completely and decide which art medium I wanted to use. 

I decided to go with Charcoal because I KNEW that I was going to make many mistakes, and charcoal was my best bet on fixing those mistakes. So I finished coloring her and made sure that she was perfect before I was going to rip her face open. (Literally) 

Now the hard part was about to happen, WHERE should I rip her open?
I decided to rip out her eye and lip because I had a good idea of what to put behind it. 

I wanted to create the Bionic woman in Marilyn, and It was going better than expected. I had to use colored pencil for all the gadgets in the back because pastel would have gotten EXTREMELY messy. But in the end, I believe it turned out wonderful! What do you guys think?

After the Marilyn Monroe project, the school semester was coming to a close, so I had to hurry and pick something for the last two projects! One of the projects had to incorporate a “newspaper” theme….

So here is how it went, I chose to do the news that Judy Garland had died, and have a melting rainbow in the background. 

It took many many days to apply the wet water color to a thin piece of newspaper. But I wanted to effect of the paper to look wet and used. After finishing the background, I drew the Ruby slippers onto the Sheet that had Judy Garland on it!


I then placed the sheet onto the background to create the whole “Judy Garland in Oz” theme. It is not my favorite art piece, but definitely good enough to get a grade in the class!

As for the LAST project of the school year, I stuck with something I can do quickly, and anywhere I went. That was stippling (Even though it was tedious) I just wanted to be done!

So I got out my Sharpie and started doing something everyone was familiar with! 

I used Hatching, Cross-Hatching, scumbling, and Stippling throughout the project and I think it ended up being a wonderful piece!


Tell me what you guys think about the projects and which ones are your favorite! Also go look at my other art projects here:



Isn’t she a dreamboat:)