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Oh here’s my friend Marilee on stage with Sufjan Stevens. Cool.

She is SO cuuute meeting Sufjan!


Happy Easter - Audrey Kitching

Me and my Friend Taylor! <3 

My Surreal Art Project.

     Finally! I finished the long-awaited art project! And there is so much I have to say about it! 
     Honestly, I began the project about 2 months ago, and honestly, a lot more than art was going on between that time.

 The project medium was pastel. (the worst medium to use in my opinion) Using pastel gets really frustrating, especially with such an impatient person such as myself! the purpose of the project was surreal art. My art teacher said that I had to choose something normal and make it unordinary…. So obviously it was an excuse to use my imagination.

    It took me about a week to decide on what to do for my project, and even though I had an idea… the finishing project was obscured, and I’m perfectly okay with that.

    The original plan was, a mushroom field filled with normal things… (Swing, stool..) On top of a floating cloud. Under the cloud would be the ocean… and stars and planets would be underneath the water… Because of the pastel medium, (and time limit to finish it in) it would create lots of issues. So I simpled it down.

   Like I said, I went through a lot… obviously 2 months isn’t a long time, but lots can happen, with friends, relationships, questions, all good and bad. Obviously I’m not going to get into details but this project means much more than just mushrooms on a cloud.

   Every day in art I would draw and color, one mushroom a day. I felt like a perfectionist because I couldn’t handle it if they didn’t look completely perfect. Plus, there was only 50 minutes of class to work on it…. everyday…

   Once I finished the mushrooms and cloud, the objective to make planets underwater was going to be difficult… I even sometimes 2nd guessed myself… wondering if I should change the theme. 
    This was probably the roughest time. Homecoming week. I had to help paint the entire set, and for those of you who don’t know how my school works, The Homecoming assembly goes ALL OUT. decorating the gym with the years theme. (Wizard of Oz) and having a skit, a parade through the whole town, Alumni coming back from the year 1958.. literally. and people everywhere!
      So my art teacher said to take a break on my project and to work on the homecoming set for the gym. We had to create an entire Emerald castle up to the ceiling, with lots of yellow-brick road, apple trees, wizard stuff etc.

  The set wasn’t the hectic part. Drama seems to seep into every situation. Things become the greatest they could ever be… then gradually, it Falls.Back.Down.
I knew things were going bad, and it is the same routine. But honestly, I’m pretty thankful for the people that are closest to me to remind me that I’m not the kind of person that should be shut out of places, and that it’s ok to go for the things that I want to do. And they do it in an indirect way, just by being them, and knowing the right things to say, even when some of them didn’t know what was going on. xD
   Homecoming went by fast thankfully and I could get back to what I started!

   I was right on track, and got started that next Monday! It soon got back into the intense complications that it had been before. xD The pastels smeared… my OCD got in the way and my mind did indeed shift the theme of the project. The planets and stars didn’t actually get to be in water, but it looked as if they were like water… maybe not.. I dunno. And frankly, I liked it a little more! 


   I finally finished the project Tuesday night, October 5, while watching Glee! xD and it took so much more time than it did to write this post. I’m pretty proud of myself and it’s not like I’m winning an award or anything but it isn’t bad to be grateful for good experiences!
   I turned it in the next day and my art teacher was as proud as I was :) and she immediately hung it up on the bulletin board in front of the art class room! 


I guess thats all I have to say haha. I’m sure this didn’t need elaboration, but it’s something to read! haha Goodbye!