Yahoo mail isn’t sending me messages telling me the names of my new followers.

:( I REALLY need those names so I can talk to you guys!!!!! 

If you are a new follower since… 5 hours ago, please tell me!


fueledbyderek asked: Just wanted to say thank you, I had to Unfollow so many blogs because they were just plain assholes to their followers, you are genuine even with a high number. thanks.

When I started this tumblr thing, I started noticing that too! It was either, too rude, or too trite. The effectiveness of a relationship between 2 people online has become so fake and hostile! People get VERY offended if you say something mean or out of line, and they get VERY defensive! “It’s my blog I can post what I want! You @!*!^ @#$!” Etc. Nobody wants to get hurt, no one wants to be yelled at. So I learned not to be offended at what people say, sometimes it is just simple constructive criticisms. I know people on tumblr don’t have intentions of hurting me, because I have created a foundation with my followers and they know that when I talk to them, it is real. I will never sound trite, or non effective, I mean what I say, and I always will! Thank you for calling me genuine!

I get really hurt and confused…

When I find my follower count go down… And look I am sure it shouldn’t be a big deal, but it always hits me in the heart! 

I am always fearing the fact that I may have hurt someone, or said something offensive… I am not the kind of person to say, “IT IS MY BLOG I WILL SAY WHAT I WANT!” Because I really do care for each one of you, and every Anonymous message, or every critique I get I actually think about. I know who I am, but I do love to hear what people think about me…

If you haven’t read my “I am myself post” Please go read it:

Or you can go read the other personal posts:

The point I was trying to make (Before going off into tangents) Is that I really hope you guys understand that I do want to talk to each of you. This isn’t just blogging pictures, if you feel overwhelmed about me not ever going to talk to you, please TRY ME! I want to talk to you! And I promise I will. I know I shouldn’t be upset about all the unfollowers, and I will try harder to stay in touch! <3


I am back! :)

Hey Hey! I am back from leaving the internet for an entire week! :) I replied to all of you that messaged me and I hope you got them! <3 How has your week been?!

What did I miss?