Things I see on my Facebook.

Since when did Facebook start looking like a dating website?

These are the kind if kids I went to school with.

This is the only reason I enjoy Facebook. For the weird people that are on my friends list.





My friends perfect the art of trolling

Reblogging because of the perfection.


My friends perfect the art of trolling

When you run out of people to stalk on Facebook, you start trolling. 

Behold the comments of this Facebook photo. 


I am giving up my cell phone, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Television, Music, and actually, everything media related. I am doing this to just…. Get away, Get away from everyone and everything, so I can learn to love me… It will be a hard week, but I am going to do it! 

I am actually kind of excited. :D

Anyway, you guys can leave me messages in my ask, you can leave cute, or sweet nothings for me to find when I come back online in a week. ;) Haha
my tumblr will still be active through the que I have set up.
I love you guys and I will get back to you in a week! <3



Facebook vs. Tumblr- Lights Edition.

Someone I don’t know adds me on Facebook:

Someone I don’t know follows me on Tumblr:

Someone writes on my Facebook wall:

Someone writes in my Tumblr ask box:

Lose a friend on Facebook:

Lose a follower on Tumblr:

Error on Facebook:

Error on Tumblr: