ANOTHER completed Art Project(s) from Daniel.

I Know I have not been keeping you guys up to date on my art projects but I am FINALLY uploading these to tumblr! 

This art project is a very SPECIAL art project. It is of the lovely Marilyn Monroe. I was so fascinated by her after watching the TV show SMASH I had to do a project with her. and the point of the project, is to have a TORN  part from the project, with something showing up from underneath. I know that sounds confusing, so let me show you how it went down.

I first had to draw out Marilyn completely and decide which art medium I wanted to use. 

I decided to go with Charcoal because I KNEW that I was going to make many mistakes, and charcoal was my best bet on fixing those mistakes. So I finished coloring her and made sure that she was perfect before I was going to rip her face open. (Literally) 

Now the hard part was about to happen, WHERE should I rip her open?
I decided to rip out her eye and lip because I had a good idea of what to put behind it. 

I wanted to create the Bionic woman in Marilyn, and It was going better than expected. I had to use colored pencil for all the gadgets in the back because pastel would have gotten EXTREMELY messy. But in the end, I believe it turned out wonderful! What do you guys think?

After the Marilyn Monroe project, the school semester was coming to a close, so I had to hurry and pick something for the last two projects! One of the projects had to incorporate a “newspaper” theme….

So here is how it went, I chose to do the news that Judy Garland had died, and have a melting rainbow in the background. 

It took many many days to apply the wet water color to a thin piece of newspaper. But I wanted to effect of the paper to look wet and used. After finishing the background, I drew the Ruby slippers onto the Sheet that had Judy Garland on it!


I then placed the sheet onto the background to create the whole “Judy Garland in Oz” theme. It is not my favorite art piece, but definitely good enough to get a grade in the class!

As for the LAST project of the school year, I stuck with something I can do quickly, and anywhere I went. That was stippling (Even though it was tedious) I just wanted to be done!

So I got out my Sharpie and started doing something everyone was familiar with! 

I used Hatching, Cross-Hatching, scumbling, and Stippling throughout the project and I think it ended up being a wonderful piece!


Tell me what you guys think about the projects and which ones are your favorite! Also go look at my other art projects here:

So today we did a chalk drawing! We decided to make it surreal because we were bored of just drawing chess pieces… WE then got in trouble for making it a mushroom… We continued anyway and shaped it more like a penis. 


Final Art Project!

Alright guys this was my last art project from last semester. The art project purpose was to show a world wide issue in current society. So I chose to do it on “Apps” that are downloaded on the computer or on mobile devices. The only trick was that it HAD to be painted on a PUZZLE!


So I had to put the puzzle together, then glue it and paint it white to have a blank canvas. 

And I began to sketch out the objects.
I included Angry Birds, Plants Vs. Zombies, Robot Unicorn, and Nyan Cat!

 This painting was also used with Acrylic Paint!


After I painted the angry birds I Painted the Zombies and the Nyan Cat because I KNEW the Unicorn was going to be the hardest part! 


The Unicorn I had to tackle last! I remember being in the Art room for 6 hours, excused from every class just to finish this project. The end of the semester was coming up and I was not finished yet! It HAD to be perfect! 

I finally did finish but I wasn’t yet as Happy as I could be with it! 

So I took out some of the puzzle pieces to give it the feeling that it was still a puzzle, and not just a replacement for a canvas. And THEN I was happy with it, and I hope you are too! Here are two photos I took, one of them was blurry, and the other had a glare on it. So You can kinda get the feel with both of them I hope!

Thank you for not getting TOO angry at me being very lazy and not posting these! But there you go! All caught up!


Last Semester Drawings

Continuing from my last post, I have 3 more art works to show you. 

The first drawing is a Surreal drawing that I completed with pencil. For those of you who don’t know what surrealism is, or have not seen my surreal art project from last semester here it is, 


It is a project that places something ordinary into the Unordinary!  Get it?

So this Surreal project was with pencil, and I had to literally place a fork, spoon, and plate in the corner of a room with a spotlight on it so I could draw the right highlights. 

You can interpret the drawing as you want, whether it be greed, or worldly pleasure. Your choice, but here it is! 

As for this next painting, It is used with an Acrylic medium, and it is abstract. If you have ever delt with acrylic you probably know how it works, so when I painted this, I had to use SOOOO much paint, and wait 24 hours for it to dry, just so I could add into it!

After the first part dried, I put in the new color.

AS FOR THE LAST PAINTING! You all will love this so much! I’m actually going to post it in a separate post!

Art Paintings from Last Semester

Hey everyone, like I said I apologize for not staying updated on all my art projects, so I am posting them now. The first one I did at the start of the school year was intended to look like a “melting” object. Simple enough right? So since it was the beginning of the year I chose something simple. Ice. Ice melts, simple Walah! 

The Project was used with a simple Acrylic paint.

And this is how it turned out.


So simple enough. 
Along with that project (and the beginning of the year) Homecoming week was coming up! And of course that mean SPIRIT WEEK where all the students dress up according to each spirit day. The school asks all the Studio Art students (High art class) to help with the decor around the school. This year we were asked to paint the windows of the library. We were each assigned a spirit day, and a window! And the Window we got was “Formal Wednesday” A day I would rather not dress up for.

We painted all day and were excused from the entire day of school! This is the outcome.


And After the hype of homecoming I had to pain an ASAIN INK painting, which I was not looking forward to, I honestly hate drawing with Asian ink so I tried my hardest to get it done as quick as possible. It get too runny, sloppy, and annoying over all, but here it is!

Now that I posted these, I have 2 more that I will put in a different post.

My Final School Art Project: Painting

Alright guys I did it! I made it! I finished my very last art project for the school year! 

The purpose of this project was to try out 3 different art movements, which meant I had to paint the same picture 3 different times, and the 3 that I chose were Pointillism Which is a painting using ONLY small dots of paint! Like this painting painting by someone else.

The picture that I chose to paint was a Mannequin! (This was suggested by one of my followers so I thank you for the idea! <3)

So I worked on the painting and it got very stressful, if you could imagine painting something using only dots of paint… it is tough! 
But non-the less! I finished it!

Now it was time to start the second painting!
The second painting was painted in the art movement of Fauvism… The style is like a painting using wild colors! Which was sooooo relieving after all those blasted dots!
An example of Fauvism is like this painting…

So as you can see it is just a bunch of colors! And I had to paint the same picture! (Mannequin)

And for the 3rd painting! the art movement was Surrealism! 
Now I’m sure if you have followed my blog, You have seen many surreal pictures!

Especially the Surreal drawing that I drew last semester!


The point of surreal is to put something Ordinary in an “Unordinary” Setting…. So how was I suppose to put a mannequin in an “unordinary” setting…. I was running out of time!

Between this time, I was asked to do a different art project! I had to do a chalk drawing outside of the school! That was the last thing I wanted to do because I wanted to finish the project I had already started! So the chalk drawing we ended up doing was a surreal drawing as well! I simply put an Apple inside of an eye. “Apple-of-my-eye” I know sooo original. xD

I honestly had no idea what to do for my last painting! So I decided to make it simple but still me!
I decided to incorporate a bird cage inside the mannequin!

This last painting I wanted to be soooo good! But it was the end of the year and I ran out of time, and being the perfectionist that I am… I ditched many classes just to finish my art project! 


Of course I was not completely happy with it! But I finished it anyway! And I was done! NO MORE! haha


Now that I am done, I can’t wait for next year!

Tell me what you guys think about it! Especially for those who have been following me and my art projects!

If you would like to see my other art projects, go to this link:

Thank you! Tell me what you guys think!



Pop Art: Andy Warhol Inspired

So when I finished began this project I asked you guys what Item I should use, and you guys gave me a lot of suggestions but I chose to use a Film Camera.

The project was Pop art. A painting that represents something in Pop culture. And why not a Camera?

So the Medium I used was Acrylic paint…. And I began by painting the 4 squares and drawing out the placement of the cameras.


Of course the first camera is the hardest but once I got all the silver lining down I filled the rest in.


When I worked on the second camera, I had an idea of what I was doing, and it didn’t take as long to finish.

The colors that I used for the lens, and the grip are just the base colors… (Red, Purple, Green, Yellow) I just added a little black or white to it, to lighten them… Or texture them, like you see in the grip of the camera.

For the last two cameras, I had to take the project home because I was Sooooo very behind, and I was leaving for Disneyland with my best friends in a couple of days.
So I took it home and worked on the project. And I was rushing more than ever. I was done with painting, I was so irritated, and My mind was set on Disneyland… So while I was waiting for one part to dry, I would paint the other side… but then it would get all over my hands, and smear across the canvas and I would have to fix it…. So I calmed down and tried again.

Once I got everything up-to-date…. I realized that I didn’t even bring home a bottle of green paint…. x(

So I forgot about the painting, put it away and packed for Disneyland.

Once I got back to school, I rushed into the art room and finished the project. I didn’t even care if it had some errors, I was finished! And That is all that mattered! 

Tell me what you guys think! <3 It’s finished!

Impressionalism Painting!

Hey Hey Everyone! Today is the day I finished my latest art project! 
The purpose of the project was to get a strip of someone else’s art. (Famous art piece) and create the rest of the painting with your imagination!

The painting that I chose to create was Venice Twilight by Claude Monae.


Now keep in mind that I DID NOT see this painting before I began to paint my own canvas.

So I was given the Canvas and the strip of paper, the easiest way to begin the painting was to place my strip where I wanted to begin, and then “Kill the White” meaning, use a base color to work off of, so I chose Yellow and then I let my mind go wild and found out what I wanted to create.
My very first Fantasy Painting, with a dragon! 

So you obviously can see where the strip went, and how I built off of it. 
My first issue was the water… It got very stressful missing paints trying to put Blue and yellow in the same piece which obviously set into a green hue…

I gave up on the water for a bit and started working on the buildings, which were easy because they are just silhouettes.


Once the buildings were finished I had no choice but to do the sky… but I also had to put blue back into the water… So why not hit 2 birds with one stone?

The Problem with trying to work of this strip is blending all the colors around it… like the bright blue, and the yellow colors were frustrating, and I remember being in the art room for 4 hours one day, just trying to get it right!

I finally got the colors right and finished the sky and could take down my last subject, the Dragon.

When I began painting the fire, I realized that the fire was the easiest part of the entire painting! It looks the best, and it was the easiest to paint, (Thankfully, giving me  break.)

By this time, I realized that my dragon looked awful! I began painting it and just was not happy with it. It looked more like a Dinosaur wearing a cape, rather than a dragon, the colors were all wrong, and it didn’t look healthy anatomically, (It’s body structure was off) it just didn’t fit. So I finally just decided to paint over it and start over, which really hurt because by this time I was SOOOO done with this and didn’t even care anymore…

I finally just kept going, I re-drew it and by the end of the painting I was happy! And today was the day I finished!

I hope you like it!

Tell me what you think! And while you are at it, Check out my other Paintings!

My First Painting is complete!

For those followers who have been following along with me and my art projects know that this semester is no longer a drawing class, but a painting class. -_- Something I didn’t think I was very good at!


Well we started our first art project and thankfully for my wonderful art teacher, Honed my Newly found painting skills to a canvas!

The art project was to use only Primary and Secondary Acrylic paints (with black and white) to paint the color wheel with an object in it…. For those of you who have no idea what that means…. I had to paint the color wheel, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Violet, Orange, and the analogous colors next to them.

I had to incorporate an image into the color wheel by using tints, shades, and intensity by ONLY using black and white… So I chose a heart.


I have to paint each of those sections of the color wheel first.


After I finished the color wheel I started painting the secondary colors… Now keep in mind that I only used black and white to create the intensity, and shades of a certain color…

So like in the Orange section, I am only using Orange plus Black and White… There are no other colors used!


Now I was impressed myself… How I could use, ONLY Black and white and the certain color…


So I continued to paint the rest of the sections with the same process.


So you can obviously tell which parts of each section have more white, more black, and more of the actual color! 
Blending Acrylic is very hard and all I really remember is that this project took forever! But I am glad it is finished! 

I still don’t have a name for it! Any suggestions? Feedback?

For those of you who want to see/read about my other art projects: 

Thank you for reading! And I CAN’t wait to show you the project I’m working on now! <3


Finished Art Project: Caricature of Cher!

For my art class’ semester final we had to draw a Caricature. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a work of art that exaggerates the obvious features in a person to show humor. Like a cartoon. 


So my art teacher told me that I had to choose a celebrity and draw them as a caricature. There are so many possibilities so I tried to think of celebrities with the most obvious features that I could easily exaggerate. I came up with Michael Jackson or Cher.

I chose Cher.

I then had to choose a medium (art utensils) and I chose to work with pastels because I am familiar with them and I work with them the best. 

I began to block in the picture and my teacher said I needed to outline her face in pen. I thought that was such a horrible idea!! And I still do think it is, and I bet you will agree after you see the final project. So I outlined it in pen then began to color in her face.

Now keep in mind. A Caricature shows of the exaggerated features, like a cartoon. It isn’t suppose to look real.

When I use pastels I am never really happy with the color and blend until I mess with it for… hours. Thankfully it is easily covered and replaced with other colors.

Her Hair was definately one of the last things to do because there is so much of it and it was black… -_- the worst color to use when using pastel. It got EVERYWHERE. But it looked nice! (even though I kept fixing it after it was finished.)

Then I still wasn’t happy with it, because I am like that when I do art. Something always has to be perfect when I draw it.
 So I added more color! Which defiantly added to the photo and I was pleased with it!

It was placed on the art board for all the art classes to see, right under my Baby portrait (Which I am very proud of!) and next to my Surreal pastel drawing which isn’t in the picture.

I’m pretty proud of it! I’m proud of most the projects that I’ve done this semester… Next semester is my painting course. I am SOOO not good at painting. so IDK how it will go down.


But I am still proud of my Cher. And you can see what I mean about outlining it in pen. Thats my only problem with it. xD


Latest Art Project: Baby Portrait. What do you think?

In art I was assigned to draw a baby picture of me. x( 
I was excited at first until I ran into some complications….

Yea yea. That is me as a baby. xD

Anyway.. I started with the mouth and TOTALLY quit for like a week because I was sick at looking at it. xD


I worked on the nose and ears and just thought I would finish it that Following week.. Thankfully I found some patience after having a rough weekend.


Once I got all the main features I realized I SCREWED UP!!!! The eyes were WAAAY to big… and ofcourse… I had the worlds biggest forehead as a child so I screwed up my cranium, and Shamefully I had to erase it…


I Cut the eyes smaller…. And I erased the entire forehead and started over… The eyes then looked like they were out of place and it honestly didn’t look like me at all. (It is very frustrating drawing yourself because you pick out the flaws) 
I did Fix it and I did Triumph! xD The baby picture was complete and I am very satisfied with it!


Now look at the real thing then look at the portrait. 
What do you guys think?  

My Surreal Art Project.

     Finally! I finished the long-awaited art project! And there is so much I have to say about it! 
     Honestly, I began the project about 2 months ago, and honestly, a lot more than art was going on between that time.

 The project medium was pastel. (the worst medium to use in my opinion) Using pastel gets really frustrating, especially with such an impatient person such as myself! the purpose of the project was surreal art. My art teacher said that I had to choose something normal and make it unordinary…. So obviously it was an excuse to use my imagination.

    It took me about a week to decide on what to do for my project, and even though I had an idea… the finishing project was obscured, and I’m perfectly okay with that.

    The original plan was, a mushroom field filled with normal things… (Swing, stool..) On top of a floating cloud. Under the cloud would be the ocean… and stars and planets would be underneath the water… Because of the pastel medium, (and time limit to finish it in) it would create lots of issues. So I simpled it down.

   Like I said, I went through a lot… obviously 2 months isn’t a long time, but lots can happen, with friends, relationships, questions, all good and bad. Obviously I’m not going to get into details but this project means much more than just mushrooms on a cloud.

   Every day in art I would draw and color, one mushroom a day. I felt like a perfectionist because I couldn’t handle it if they didn’t look completely perfect. Plus, there was only 50 minutes of class to work on it…. everyday…

   Once I finished the mushrooms and cloud, the objective to make planets underwater was going to be difficult… I even sometimes 2nd guessed myself… wondering if I should change the theme. 
    This was probably the roughest time. Homecoming week. I had to help paint the entire set, and for those of you who don’t know how my school works, The Homecoming assembly goes ALL OUT. decorating the gym with the years theme. (Wizard of Oz) and having a skit, a parade through the whole town, Alumni coming back from the year 1958.. literally. and people everywhere!
      So my art teacher said to take a break on my project and to work on the homecoming set for the gym. We had to create an entire Emerald castle up to the ceiling, with lots of yellow-brick road, apple trees, wizard stuff etc.

  The set wasn’t the hectic part. Drama seems to seep into every situation. Things become the greatest they could ever be… then gradually, it Falls.Back.Down.
I knew things were going bad, and it is the same routine. But honestly, I’m pretty thankful for the people that are closest to me to remind me that I’m not the kind of person that should be shut out of places, and that it’s ok to go for the things that I want to do. And they do it in an indirect way, just by being them, and knowing the right things to say, even when some of them didn’t know what was going on. xD
   Homecoming went by fast thankfully and I could get back to what I started!

   I was right on track, and got started that next Monday! It soon got back into the intense complications that it had been before. xD The pastels smeared… my OCD got in the way and my mind did indeed shift the theme of the project. The planets and stars didn’t actually get to be in water, but it looked as if they were like water… maybe not.. I dunno. And frankly, I liked it a little more! 


   I finally finished the project Tuesday night, October 5, while watching Glee! xD and it took so much more time than it did to write this post. I’m pretty proud of myself and it’s not like I’m winning an award or anything but it isn’t bad to be grateful for good experiences!
   I turned it in the next day and my art teacher was as proud as I was :) and she immediately hung it up on the bulletin board in front of the art class room! 


I guess thats all I have to say haha. I’m sure this didn’t need elaboration, but it’s something to read! haha Goodbye!