This is what I have to deal with, let me tell you, Compliments always over-rule hate. 



Anonymous asked: why do you cite your own tumblr as the source of a post when you reblog someone else? it really bothers me.

I’ve explained this before, And it is probably on my blog somewhere. 

Using a mobile tumblr app on my droid automatically re-sources everything I reblog. Not my choice, and IDGAF to try and change it. 

fueledbyderek asked: Just wanted to say thank you, I had to Unfollow so many blogs because they were just plain assholes to their followers, you are genuine even with a high number. thanks.

When I started this tumblr thing, I started noticing that too! It was either, too rude, or too trite. The effectiveness of a relationship between 2 people online has become so fake and hostile! People get VERY offended if you say something mean or out of line, and they get VERY defensive! “It’s my blog I can post what I want! You @!*!^ @#$!” Etc. Nobody wants to get hurt, no one wants to be yelled at. So I learned not to be offended at what people say, sometimes it is just simple constructive criticisms. I know people on tumblr don’t have intentions of hurting me, because I have created a foundation with my followers and they know that when I talk to them, it is real. I will never sound trite, or non effective, I mean what I say, and I always will! Thank you for calling me genuine!

This Happens All The Time.

This happens to me all the time…. And it got me thinking…

Obviously they are contradicting each other…. but they are both Anonymous..  

Number 1) I don’t blame you for not finding me attractive, because everyone has their own taste in people. Frankly, I don’t think I would date myself because of the type of people I find attractive…. But let me ask you this…. Would your question be different if you hadn’t clicked the Anonymous button? Would you have lied to me, because you would have shown your face to me and I would have realized who you were… and maybe even gain a friendship with you…. What would that friendship be worth? It would only be built on a lie… possibly even be a catalyst for something that would fail in the future… 
But you can easily tell the truth of how you feel about me if I do not know who you are….

Number 2) It is very sweet of you to think the opposite… but the same thing goes for you.. What would be the point of telling me Anonymously? Sure it is great, and makes me smile… But it could have led to me complimenting you back… or making friends with you! 
For everyone: I want to put this into perspective… that I am not on tumblr for the followers count…
There is a reason that I individually go through each of you just to say hi! 
I want to talk to you, and I want you to talk to me. The generation is such a mess… Why not try to fix it? Being kind isn’t a sin, last time I checked… and I wouldn’t ever be rude for someone who is brave enough to talk to me without clicking anonymously.


So Now you know.