Click to Watch Paramore's "Last Word" Interview.

I just watched Paramore’s response to all the drama that is going on. They are very Mature and answered every question that needed an answer. I am proud of them and can’t wait for the future! <3

I made this photo because in memory of the Honda Civic Tour in Phoenix Arizona September 15, 2010! One of the Greatest nights of my life! I love you Guys!

The Honda Civic Tour

September 15, 2010 was my date with Paramore at the Honda Civic Tour in Phoenix, Arizona. The first thing I have to say is that it was actually hotter than I suspected. Imagine that. 106 Degrees in Phoenix that day.

The first thing that happened was us standing in line for the meet and greet, With my very best friend Taylore Amato! 


The meet and greet went amazing! All the bands were sick, bless their hearts but they were so kind and fun. I appreciate how they wanted to have a “meet and greet” not a… sit behind a table, lets sign your stuff… kind of deal.

WE all had good conversations, I told Hayley I loved her dance moves at the VMAs. congratulations to the band for having that great opportunity! 

After they went down the line, they sanitized their hands and stood for us to take pictures!


The Concert began with the Amazing Kadawatha. 

Daniel Kadawatha was having some trouble with his microphone but he was such a trooper and held on with the whole show and defiantly made up the fault with his fueled energy and amazing attitude! I believe I was the only one who knew all the words to every song he was singing. I was very proud of myself and after their set I asked for the set list and he gave it to me! They were so amazing!


The next group in the line-up was of course, New Found Glory!
their set was so awesome and they had great energy. Taylore and I were singing our hearts out with the rest of the old-school NFG fans!


After New Found Glory, the amazing sisters, Tegan and Sara came on the stage! 
as always, they were amazing and so so so kind! They were so cute after every song they would say, “Thank you very much!” Awww they were so cute! They said the cutest things like,
"You guys, it feels like we are on the Starship, Enterprise and we are your entertainment tonight!"

Or “Don’t worry Sara, you don’t look a day over 12. We have Justin Bieber in our band, we will make lots of money!”

They were so gracious and incredible! Happy 30th Birthday! BTW


Then PARAMORE CAME ON! It was so thrilling to see them on stage! I am so proud of them! Their set was so much to look at! Especially during “Looking up” All the visual effects made me so happy! So much to look at all the band members were rockin’ it! I’m so sorry for Taylor for being so sick on stage! But he was so good to stick with it and play the whole set! They were all in sync and made everything work! They are so talented and now I know why they thought this was the best tour inside and out! 

The encore, Misery Business was definitely a surprise. I’m going to rewind a bit,  during the meet and great. Taylore told me her idea for Paramore to bring her up on stage, that would make her night! We were both anticipating and hoping for it to happen, and when Hayley said she was going to bring someone on stage, we both looked at eachother and screamed! This boy that was standing next to me the entire concert, (Annoying as sin) told me he was going to go crowd surf, I was like… Good and to his luck, he was pulled on the stage! (Unfortunately he was stupid and crossed the line after kissing Hayley on the stage) Very Un-Classy!

But Taylor did get pulled up on stage and that made the night of her entire life, I know out of anyone she deserved it! She is so wonderful and looked like the happiest person on Earth when she got onto that stage!


So to finish off, I just want to thank Paramore, for being so diligent to their fans! They have grown so much in the past 6 years and yet they still put their fans first and don’t let fame rob them of their faith in fans! They make every fan feel so great by pointing them out in the crowd, and making them feel number one! And they keep them involved with all the social networking, Fan club, and all other connections! I love them so much and I have to say, Honda Civic Tour, 2010 was the greatest concert I’ve ever been to!

- @DanielzROTFL 

Tomorrow is the big day, Tommorow is the Honda Civic Tour in Phoenix, Arizona!

I Get to meet Paramore at 4:00 and hopefully I will make a better face than this! 

I’m so stoked! It’s going to be like…. 98 degrees… Bluh… Good thing the venue is inside!

Paramore you will do AMAZING! I can’t wait to see you!