Juliet Simms - Wild Child

Please listen & share my friend and talented rocker of faces, Juliet Simms’ brand spankin’ NEW single off her upcoming debut album. The single will be available to purchase on iTunes December 11th!! Check out www.JulietSimms.com for more exclusive news, photos, etc. Go Juj!! :D


Issue 31 featuring Juliet Simms takes you behind the scenes as we pick the brain of Automatic Loveletter’s frontwoman and hear her story as she bounces back and forth from Warped Tour to NBC’s hit show The Voice!

This issue also features interviews with Motion City Soundtrack, Evanescence, Blaqk Audio, For All Those Sleeping, Such Gold, States, A Bullet For Pretty Boy, Bayside, Everclear, VersaEmerge and many more!

Learn about MTV’s Music Meter and Songza! 

Movie reviews on The Dark Night Rises, TED and Moonrise Kingdom!

Discover new products from Beacon Audio and RAS Guitar Kits! 

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So don’t let me down and don’t shut me out (c)


Juliet Simms. One of the reason why we love her. - Juju talks W Eric Blair

I am so loving how Humble she is

Anonymous asked: I always see you with 2 bracelets and 2 rings on. Do they mean anything?

Wow I didn’t think people noticed…. 

Well… Yes they have meaning but the number ‘2’ for the bracelet and ring don’t mean anything.

Both my rings are religious rings.
And one of my bracelets is from my best friend who bought it in Mexico. And the other is a “Never Take it Off” bracelet from Juliet Simms.


That’s my guuurl! <3 so proud!