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That Red hair makes me go crazy! IM GOING TO SEE THEM! Reunited. 😂 #Paramore #Concert #BeenSoLong

I went to a concert last night and saw these wonderful children! Had a wonderful time!

I have to get ready for a concert! Singing my heart out!

So I went to see Evanescence and the Pretty Reckless.

The concert was incredible!! I am so glad that Evanescence is back on the road with a new album! And I am SOOOOO Glad that Taylor Momsen is with them! <3 

After the concert we met Amy and Taylor and I have met Taylor momsen before, she is such a child and I love it! On stage she is such a performer, but when you talk to her, she really is just a 17 year old! <3


As for Amy, she is such an…. INCREDIBLE person. As she walked out to meet us the security guard said “Amy is not taking pictures, she is only giving autographs.

Amy looked at the crowd, and she took pictures anyway. 

I was so happy! <3 

We then had to drive home that night, but we were so full of energy, (Despite the fact that the previous day we went to the Panic! at the disco show in Tucson and met Patrick Stump!)


-<3 DanielzROTFL

Lights in Arizona

As you all know I had a countdown for Lights to be in Arizona! Once she was here it became one of the greatest nights of my life!

I left school at 12:00 and headed straight for Mesa, Arizona. (3 hour drive from my house) there was 5 of us going to the concert including myself in the van, and we met up with another friend at the venue.

Of course we had to stop at the mall because we had extra time… T_T I didn’t want to.

After we left the mall at 4:30 we finally got the Nile Theater where there was already a very long line!

Once in the venue I was very thankful that there was only one person playing before Lights! 

He was Jeremy Fischer and he was very entertaining. He put on a good show and set the stage for Lights!

She came onto the stage with so much energy and to be as close as I was, it was very intimidating. The light fixtures were incredible! Lights going all the way to the ceiling and amazing effects everywhere!

The first song she played was “Second Go” which definitely set the night off right!
She is such a good performer and keeps everyone dancing! 


She continued the night with such amazing energy and it amazes me that she would never stop smiling.

Click Here to watch “River”

You could tell that she wanted to be there and she was the happiest woman alive. After every song, she was take a breath and look into the crowd. It was a full house that night and the way she smiled gave me chills and I know I was not the only one!

She continued the show by playing “February Air” One of my favorites. The entire crowd was singing along and jumping up and down! She had her Key-tar and Keyboard at her side and she was doing what she does best! 


She slowed things down a bit by sitting at her keyboard. She then told us how, she would draw these pictures of these places, scenes, and that is a way of calming her down. Getting her in the zone! She then said that once she got to Arizona, she recognized it. She said that Arizona was exactly like one of the pictures she drew!
It was an amazing experience. She is so talented and the way she shares it is so incredible!
She then played Pretend! … Most of the crowd grew silent to hear her angelic voice! You can watch it on Concert YouTube channel: 

Click here to watch “Pretend”

After that calm part of the concert, she grabbed her guitar and brought back the energy! She played more favorites and I honestly can say that I haven’t danced like I did that night at any other concert I’ve ever been to! She was so amazing and filling each individual with joy and feeling good!

As always, she kept on her smile and talked to us more. She told us that there was so much love in the room that night. Of course we all felt it. She told us how Arizona was one of the greatest shows she played yet. <3
She then grabbed her acoustic guitar and started to play some acoustic songs. From what I recall, she played “Saviour” out of the many acoustic songs she played which was breathtaking.


Lights began to explain how a certain song can make you feel a certain way, and thats why she does what she does, She then began to play a song that made her feel this way. xD Of course everyone was excited to hear this song! <3

Click Here To Watch the “Bed Intruder Song”

She then got serious and played “Fall Back Down” 

Click Here To Watch “Fall Back Down”

By the way I’m sorry if any of the video is shaky, It was hard to record while in a pit of people.

Before her encore, she played “Drive My Soul” It was slowed down but still incredible!

Click Here to Watch “Drive My Soul” (Very Shaky)


I left the pit after she played “Drive My Soul” so I could buy my T-shirts and such. And to my surprise she played 3 encore songs! One of them was a new song!
She gave a story of how it was hard to get along with the people she was touring on, and it was hard to write songs with that kind of energy. But she wrote a song called “Cactus in the Valley” Which was very appropriate to play in Arizona <3 

You can look it up on YouTube to listen to it! 

As soon as the concert was over, I rushed to the tour bus! I was determined to be first in line to meet her! She got on her bus and told me that she’d be right out. People slowly started to gather near the bus, but I was wearing my angry face so they knew I would rip them to shreds if they thought about cutting me. xD (Joking)
 Once she came out I had her do me a favor. It was something that had been on my mind the whole night. To tell me Friend Happy birthday to him because he wasn’t able to see her in his city. After she did that, our huge group of 6 took our turn meeting her! I took my picture first. (Which i won’t post because I look hideous.) Then All my friends. Stephanie, told her about her experience with dancing and how she had taken a break from it. But after hearing Lights, she was inspired to dance again! Lights gave Steph a huge hug and took her time.

Lights is so amazing with taking her time with each fan. Making sure they had a great time, and felt every good emotion. You could tell that it was a goal to be with her fans because she took her time with each and every one of us.

Once we all got our pictures, we asked for a group shot!

Our time was then over and we all said our goodbyes. I told her that she HAD to come back to Arizona, she was kidding and said “Oh no Never Ew” And I told her to get back on the bus. xD I then gave her a huge hug and she said “Aww you give great hugs!” <3 That made me so happy!

We then walked away… but turned back and thats when things got really emotional.
Lights was incredible. The way she Smiled, Played, Performed, Sang, and interacted was so unique and so different from any artist that I’ve ever seen in concert that I was mind blown. Stephanie was in tears of joy. And the rest of us were very close to the same feeling.
None of us wanted to leave, we all wanted to go back and meet her again. Maybe even go with her to the next city!
When then remembered the Big Pink chair in downtown mesa that she tweeted about earlier that day! We Ran downtown as fast as we could, and all took turns sitting in the big pink chair. It was just another way for all of us to connect, and it was great!

We then walked downtown, walked past the Ray-Gun store (which I hope she got to see all the modeled ray-guns that were for sale.) And we went to our separates cars in such a great mood!

This comes to the conclusion of my review of Lights in Mesa, Arizona at the Nile Theatre on October 27, 2010. A great experience. If any of you get the chance to see her in concert. You will never regret it. <3 She is incredibly one of a kind!