p0psikle-deactivated20110808-de asked: Oh hi, sorry its me again D: But I finally sat down and took a good look and read at all the things on your blog. (and I know its very weird) But when I saw your art work and personal posts I cried. I did not necessarily ball my eyes out but there where tears. You are such a talented boy. It makes me envy you so much more. you are also such a kind person you have a huge heart full of love. It makes me wonder how the world would be if everyone was a little bit more like you. caring and understanding. I don't know your blog is just such an inspiration to me. I might just be another Person who admires you but I want you to know why I do not just because you are adorable and cute but because you have personality everyone loves <3

I hope you have a nice day
Clarissa <33

Oh my gosh! You are making my night! <3
I honestly never intended to touch someone’s heart by just being myself. I am really thankful for my talent, but Clarissa do not ever envy anyone! Because you have talents meant for touching other people! That is why they are yours! And that is so special!
Honestly it is a shame that people see me as some sort of inspiration… Why is it that being a nice person has become rare? You are not just another person who admires me. You are Clarissa, and you took the time to tell me this! And I love you so much for it. 
I am glad my blog is an inspiration. <3