When people say: “I wish I knew you in REAL LIFE.”

I just want to tell you beautiful people that I am Daniel…. I am me, and being a boy on tumblr does NOT make me some surrogate of another person! 

When you say in real life, it makes everything seem so impossible, when you shouldn’t be imagining things that will never happen. This IS REAL LIFE. And there is a reason I make the effort to talk to each and every one of you! 
I don’t assume that I am going to meet all of you, frankly, any of you. But I promise that I will always be myself when I talk to you, and make our relationship seem as real as I can! I want you to realize that you are real people, I am a real person, and we are all making REAL friendships. This is REAL LIFE. 

Just because it is over the World Wide Web, does not make any of our relationships fake. 

I love you.


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