Latest Art Project: Baby Portrait. What do you think?

In art I was assigned to draw a baby picture of me. x( 
I was excited at first until I ran into some complications….

Yea yea. That is me as a baby. xD

Anyway.. I started with the mouth and TOTALLY quit for like a week because I was sick at looking at it. xD


I worked on the nose and ears and just thought I would finish it that Following week.. Thankfully I found some patience after having a rough weekend.


Once I got all the main features I realized I SCREWED UP!!!! The eyes were WAAAY to big… and ofcourse… I had the worlds biggest forehead as a child so I screwed up my cranium, and Shamefully I had to erase it…


I Cut the eyes smaller…. And I erased the entire forehead and started over… The eyes then looked like they were out of place and it honestly didn’t look like me at all. (It is very frustrating drawing yourself because you pick out the flaws) 
I did Fix it and I did Triumph! xD The baby picture was complete and I am very satisfied with it!


Now look at the real thing then look at the portrait. 
What do you guys think?