So I went to see Evanescence and the Pretty Reckless.

The concert was incredible!! I am so glad that Evanescence is back on the road with a new album! And I am SOOOOO Glad that Taylor Momsen is with them! <3 

After the concert we met Amy and Taylor and I have met Taylor momsen before, she is such a child and I love it! On stage she is such a performer, but when you talk to her, she really is just a 17 year old! <3


As for Amy, she is such an…. INCREDIBLE person. As she walked out to meet us the security guard said “Amy is not taking pictures, she is only giving autographs.

Amy looked at the crowd, and she took pictures anyway. 

I was so happy! <3 

We then had to drive home that night, but we were so full of energy, (Despite the fact that the previous day we went to the Panic! at the disco show in Tucson and met Patrick Stump!)


-<3 DanielzROTFL

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