"wake up we gotta go"


Justin Bieber fans trying to defend everything he does.


We took a spontaneous turn to the #Netherlands,💃🎉 and celebrated by watching “The Fault in Our Stars.” ☁️⭐️ Actually being in #Amsterdam made my emotions higher 😭 and being able to experience this city just like the characters do, made the movie even more incredible and real than it already was. 🎥 Thank you for being here with me Jazmin and for our first year of knowing each other! 😃 And I’m grateful for you being one of my very good friends! 👯 Here is to our future adventures! #TFIOS #TheFaultInOurStars💥 (at Amsterdam, Netherlands)


This is what happens when you synchronize camera’s shutter speed with a helicopter’s blade frequency


bruno mars fangirling over pete wentz will forever be my favorite thing in the world.

Entschuldigung sie, wo ist Brandenburg Gate bitte? 🇩🇪🏤🇩🇪 (at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Germany)

HEY DAVID BOWIE FANS! I need a LARGE resolution of this photo please! Something that could be big enough to print out for poster quality! Please send my links to LARGE resolutions! Thank you so much!



Leonardo DiCaprio’s Filmography So Far

🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY💥 to the selfie queen,💁👑 and the longest, most wonderful friend I’ve ever had. 👯 You are the most real person I’ve ever known! And I don’t believe everyone in this world gets to have a friend as wonderful as you are, or as long either! Thank you for everything! Happy Birthday! 🎁😘 I love you forever! 💙💜💛

Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande sing Broadway Versions of Rap Songs (x)

"Mom look! Draco Malfoy is going to school." 👱 #ISawThatComing #London 🇬🇧 #HarryPotter ⚡️ (at King’s Cross Platform 9¾)

Cheers from the Eiffel Tower! 🇫🇷💃🗼 #Paris #France (at Eiffel Tower)